About ME

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I’ve been a RN since 2001, and I felt the soul pull to leave my nursing career to do healthcare differently! That is literally my hashtag!! #doinghealthcaredifferently. I love to have conversations you wouldn’t normally have in a doctor’s office.

After leaving my nursing career, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and a 2 year Certification in Holistic Nutrition. I knew food was a way to help prevent further disease in my own body.

I am very passionate about bridging the physical and Spiritual world together using food as medicine and Reiki to help create TRANSFORMATION at a soul-level in my clients!

I would love to help support you on your journey to self-discovery, getting out of overwhelm and Spiritual Emergence.

Holistic Nutrition is an Experience, not at all about everything you put into your mouth!

I also teach Holistic exercises for Emotional Mastery, do Divine Purpose Blueprint readings to help you understand yourself better, look at patterns, mirrors and triggers to help you navigate your emotions.

I would love to support YOU!